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Joshua Espinoza, Kris Monson, Jaron Lamar Davis, Happy Song & Don't Fan the Flame (2023)

Will Evans & Angelica X, Angelica X (2022)

Timothy Turner "Tips Turnup", Garden of Beastin' (2022)

Joshua Espinoza, Kris Monson, Jaron Lamar Davis, Appalachian Wanderer & Adrift (2022) 

Joshua Espinoza, Kris Monson, Jaron Lamar Davis, And So It Goes & Yesterdays (2021)

Tennishu (Marcus Tenney), Corey Fonville, Kris Monson, Maybe (2021) 

Timothy Turner "Tips Turnup", No Reason at All  (2021) 

John D’earth & the UVA Jazz Ensemble feat. Special Guests (2021) 
John D'earth / Robert Jospé Group (2020) – release TBA

Julia Keefe, Nobody Else but Me (2020)

Kris Monson, Suite for Charlottesville, Live in DC (2019)

Abinnet Berhanu & Hebret Musica Trio (2019) – release TBA

Domino Ensemble, Drunken Racoon (2020)

Jack Kilby and the Front Line, Love is a Song Anyone Can Sing, Vol. 1 & 2 (2018 & 2019)

          ** recipient of 2019 and 2020 “Wammie Awards” (Washington Area Music Award) for best Jazz Album

Robert Buonaspina, RB & Friends (2019)

Brendan Schnabel Quartet, Happenstance (2019)

Susan Gaeta & Mike Sobel, Detour Ahead (2018)

Tony Fontane Group (2017) – release TBA

Gina Sobel 4tet, Zoology (2014)

...please visit these artists' websites to learn more about their work!

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