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Joshua Espinoza Trio

I started playing with pianist Joshua Espinoza while I was living in DC. We immediately connected musically and personally and have been making music together since then. I’m the humble low-end energy in his brilliant piano trio, alongside drummer Jaron Lamar Davis. 

Possessing a wide color palette, the Joshua Espinoza Trio explores shimmering harmonies and shifting orchestral contours with the aesthetic of a chamber ensemble as much as a jazz trio... Through their genre-bending approach to songwriting, they've built a cross-generational audience of diverse backgrounds bound together by their love of good music.

Check out our new record, "Songs from Yesterday" (2023)

Joshua Espinoza, Kris Monson, Keystone Korner Baltimore

Marc Cary Trio

Marc Cary, Kris Monson

One of the great pianists of this music, I learn from Marc every time that we play together. Marc also had a special relationship with Roy Hargrove, and was I honored to make music with them just before Roy passed. 

Charles Owens Trio

Charles has been one of my heroes, mentors, and close friends since I started playing bass and becoming obsessed with this music. He is an incredible musician and person and I cherish every note we play together. 

Charles Owens, Kris Monson, Smalls Jazz Club

Ryan Sands Trio

Ryan Sands, Kris Monson, Max Light

Ryan and I went to MSM together and immediately clicked musically and personally. He is an exceptional drummer, composer, and bandleader. Check out his record, "Standing on the Edge of Tomorrow" (2022). 

Will Evans & Angelica X

Will is an incredible trumpeter and composer from Charlottesville, VA who was also mentored by John D'earth. I've known him since he was 12 years old. His music is like nothing else. The band is ridiculous. 

Check out our record, "Angelica X" (2022). New album coming soon.

Will Evans, Kris Monson

Mark G. Meadows & The Movement

Mark G. Meadows, Kris Monson

I started playing with Mark while we were both living in DC. He's always leading dynamic and soulful projects that I love being a part of. With Mark, the music epitomizes JOY. Check out his new record, "Only Time" (2023).

Trio with Marcus Tenney (Tennishu) & Corey Fonville 

Virginia greats that I'm honored to make music with. If you don't know them by name, you should. They are 2/5 of Butcher Brown

Check out our record, "Maybe" (2021)

Marcus Tenney (Tennishu), Corey Fonville, Kris Monson, Maybe album

Tomer Cohen Trio

Tomer Cohen, Kris Monson

I love Tomer’s writing and playing in his trio, alongside drummer Gert-Jan Dreessen. Last summer we finished a great Mexico tour, performing and giving master classes throughout central and western Mexico.

Jack Kilby and the Front Line

Jack Kilby and the Front Line (JKFL), Elad Cohen, Kris Monson, Charles Owens

A band that I’ve been a member of since 2016, led by drummer Jack Kilby. 


“Jack Kilby and The Front Line’s new recording entitled “Love is a Song Anyone Can Sing” is a tour de force featuring a group of emerging young musicians who are genuine talents deserving much wider recognition and a timely message delivered by a gifted and capable messenger... This is a wonderful recording that is as uplifting as it is enjoyable and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants to feel good all day.” – Dennis Mackrel, Count Basie Orchestra

Check out our record, "Love is a Song Anyone Cane Sing" (2021)

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