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Monson / Mathews
film & fundraiser

 Nearly a year to the date that the pandemic was declared in the United States, bassist Kris Monson (NYC), vocalist Linnea Monson (Madrid, Spain), and filmmaker Quin Mathews (Dallas, TX) release LUSH LIFE, a short film in conjunction with the Seven Tones Project, based on the Monson’s live performance of Billy Strayhorn’s renowned composition.

“Life is lonely again, but only last year, everything seemed so sure.” (Lush Life lyric)

"This project has been many months in the making and we have tried to capture the feelings of this pandemic and its impact on the lives of individuals throughout the world." - Kris & Linnea

Around the world, people of all walks of life have been affected by COVID-19 in various ways. For artists and musicians, this has been a particularly difficult time as all in-person performances and events have been cancelled. Live music is not only an essential cultural and creative force in every community, but it also serves as a primary source of income for many artists. We want to use this opportunity to raise money for an organization that is actively fighting to support musicians by providing compassionate counsel and offering direct financial support to jazz and blues musicians in need. The Jazz Foundation of America.

After watching the film, please consider supporting musicians in need through our campaign for the Jazz Foundation of America's Covid-19 Musicians’ Emergency Fund. All fundraiser proceeds go directly towards supporting musicians in need.

More information about the film and fundraiser HERE

Kris Monson
Linnea Monson
Quin Mathews

double bass



About the Seven Tones Project

The Seven Tones Project is an educational public service that brings together quarantined musicians and filmmakers to make short films celebrating the artistry of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn. Our goal is to be a bridge between artists, pay tribute to the geniuses of Black American Music, and to create some beauty in our newly virtual world.

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